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Houston is heating up and so is the excitement for Houston 2024

As temperatures rise in Houston, so does the Host Committee's excitement for our increased involvement in our community. Just this month, we got the chance to surprise 5 schools with CFPF-funded makeover projects and celebrated community health and fellowship with Cigna in the Park.



School is out but the work taking care of Houston’s students does not stop. The 2024 Houston Host Committee, in collaboration with the College Football Playoff Foundation, is making a significant impact on our community's education scene! Through the Extra Yard for Teachers School Makeover Project, we're bringing needed resources like furniture, technology, and storage directly into local classrooms. Our goal? To energize and retain our amazing educators, inspire new teachers, and guide college students as they explore the teaching profession. This month we have handpicked five schools in the Greater Houston Area to receive these exciting supplies and transform their libraries into vibrant learning spaces! Click HERE to enjoy a video of our Spring ISD pick getting the surprise news!



We believe that the best part of Houston is the people, and we want to spend more time with you! As summer continues, our community engagement team is filling their calendar to be present at as many events around H-Town as possible. Notable July Events:

  • July 4 - Shell Freedom Over Texas, Eleanor Tinsley Park

  • July 15-18 - THSCA Convention, George R. Brown Convention Center

  • July 29 - Alief ISD Health Fair, Alief Hastings 9th Grade Center

Keep your eyes peeled for our team rockin' it at awesome community events all over the Greater Houston Area! Make sure to swing by and say hi—you never know what cool CFP goodies you might snag!

Do you have the inside scoop on an event where you think we absolutely need to be? Shoot us an email at and let us in on the fun!



We are all about making the National

Championship Game an unforgettable experience for Houston. Why? Well, our team is bursting with folks who are head over heels for this city. We want you to meet the awesome individuals making it all happen, and this month, we're shining the spotlight on Lester Gretsch, our Vice President of Communications, Marketing, and Community Engagement. Lester knows how to connect with the community and spread the game-day spirit. Born and raised in Costa Rica, Lester came to the United States at 14 and dreamed of a television career. With a passion for sports and entertainment, Lester found opportunities to blend his passions with roles at Univision and Telemundo. When an opportunity with the Houston Dynamo presented itself, Lester jumped on it and spent 10 great years with the club, including two league titles and trips to the White House as MLS Cup champions.

In his role with the Houston Host Committee, he is tasked with the tall order of leading our Public Relations and Marketing team in every aspect of communication with our community and promotion of the Houston 2024 National Championship Game. In his free time, Lester is a prime example of pursuing the things that revitalize and inspire him. He recharges by being a devoted dad to his daughter and husband to his wife, and can be found clearing his mind through running.

Q: What music are you listening to when you’ve had a ‘Murphy’s Law’ morning?

“Classical music. My stepdad played it growing up and I grew a fondness for it. It’s still what I listen to when I need to calm down.”

Q: Is there a quote or belief you live by?

“Failure teaches you more than success ever will. It’s not about getting knocked down, it’s about choosing to get back up.”

Q: What’s something you do just for yourself?

“Taking care of myself-exercising, running. I like the calmness that it brings and it allows my thoughts and ideas to just flow.” and husband to his wife, and can be found clearing his mind through running.


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