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Meet Thomas Tran

Houston Loves Teachers Mural Project Artist

Mural Location
Alief Middle School 
Alief ISD

About Thomas Tran: 

Thomas Tran is a proud native of Alief. He collaborates with communities to create murals such as by painting together and signing their names into the pieces. For the past couple years he has been teaching workshops at the Art League Houston for teens. 

What does Houston Loves Teachers mean to you?  

Houston Loves Teachers is a great opportunity for to do something for the community, specifically the youth. It's gratifying to be able to make art that has such a direct impact. 

How can the Houston Loves Teachers mural impact the atmosphere and sense of community on the school's campus? 

HLT mural will become a legacy piece for the students and teachers that worked on it. Something they can remember and be proud of. I'm just honored to be a part of it. 

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