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Meet Elizabeth Umanzor

Houston Loves Teachers Mural Project Artist

Mural Location
Crenshaw Elementary School
Channelview ISD

About Elizabeth Umanzor: 

Elizabeth Umanzor, a Salvadoran-American artist from Houston, Texas, pursued her B.F.A. with teaching certification at the University of Houston-Clear Lake, graduating in 2019. Known for vibrant murals like the "Roswell Memorial" in Chicago and the "Be Kind" mural in Houston, she also excels in hyper-realistic chalk portraiture, enjoying its temporary nature for its spontaneity. Her work extends globally, reaching places like Belize and El Salvador, drawing inspiration from her travels.   


What does Houston Love Teachers Mean to you?

As a former educator, the mission of Houston Loves Teachers resonates deeply with me. Having experienced firsthand the dedication required in the field of education, I recognize the unwavering commitment teachers give, consistently going above and beyond for their students. The impact this organization has, not just on teachers, but also on the wider community, is truly admirable. Collaborating with Houston Loves teachers is a privilege, and I'm looking forward to paint this mural with both students and staff.  

How can the Houston Loves Teachers mural impact the atmosphere and sense of community on school campus? 

I hope that Houston Loves Teachers can serve as a source of inspiration for both teachers and students, reminding them of the importance of education and the impact teachers have on shaping lives. It can also create a sense of connection and sparking conversations on the significance of education and teachers. 

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