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Donkeeboy 1_edited.png

Meet Alex Roman "Donkeeboy" 

Houston Loves Teachers Mural Project Artist

Mural Location
Milby High School
Houston ISD

About Alex Roman "Donkeeboy": 

Alex Roman Jr., known as “Donkeeboy,” is more than a Hispanic artist that specializes in large-scale murals. He’s a Bayou City icon. Through his colorful, celebrated work, he nods to pop culture through ‘remixes’ and proudly showcases the Bayou City. 

What does Houston Loves Teachers mean to you?  

Houston Loves Teachers is showing much-deserved love to educators around the city. I think this is really cool and important, as teachers are shaping the minds of future generations that will continue to drive H-Town forward. 


How can the Houston Loves Teachers mural impact the atmosphere and sense of community on the schools campus?  

I wish that this mural brightens the day of both teachers and students as they arrive on campus. On a deeper level, I hope that people will take a look at the mural and find hope in the fact that a former student created it alongside current students and teachers. With dedication and community, anything is possible. 

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