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Meet Amy Malkan

Houston Loves Teachers Mural Project Artist

Mural Location
Family and Community Engagement Center 
Spring ISD

About Amy Malkan: 

Amy Malkan is a public artist, author and speaker. She is best known for her community based public art projects.  Malkan fundamentally believes that everyone deserves access and exposure to the arts, therefore she strives to engage the public in the design and production of most of her public art projects. Her intention with every public art installation is to transform the environment into a cultural and artistic destination to help showcase the beauty and uniqueness each community has to offer.  


What does Houston Love Teachers Mean to you?

It's an opportunity to celebrate our teachers that play a valuable role in our community.  I am glad there is a program like this because I had some phenomenal teachers growing up that played a pivotal role in my life. 


How can the Houston Loves Teachers mural impact the atmosphere and sense of community on school's campus? 

The mural is a physical representation and will be a reminder to future generations moving forward on how great our teachers are. 

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