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Meet Alex "Zu" Arzu

Houston Loves Teachers Mural Project Artist

Mural Location
C.E. King Middle School
Sheldon ISD

About Alex "Zu" Arzu: 

Alexander "Zú" Arzú, a Houston-based muralist and tattoo artist renowned for pushing 

artistic boundaries and seamlessly blending traditional and digital mediums. With a unique 

cultural heritage and collaborations with brands like Coca-Cola and Red Bull USA, Arzú's 

transformative art invites viewers on a journey of self-discovery. His unwavering dedication 

to growth sets him apart, leaving an indelible mark on the art world and inspiring audiences 

to embrace the limitless potential of creative expression. 


What does Houston Love Teachers Mean to you?

The concept of "Houston Loves Teachers" holds personal significance for me, as I hail from a 

family of educators and have been positively influenced by teachers throughout my own 

journey. Contributing to a project that has the potential to positively impact young artists is a 

meaningful opportunity for collaboration and sharing. 


How can the Houston Loves Teachers mural impact the atmosphere and sense of community on school's campus? 

Regarding the impact of the Houston Loves Teachers mural on the school's atmosphere and 

sense of community, I believe the true essence lies in the stories it will generate. Drawing 

from my experience, the narratives and connections formed around the artwork are the most 

rewarding. I envision the mural as an inspiration, fostering a sense of ownership among 

students and injecting creativity and color into their daily lives 

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