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Mural Project 

The Houston Loves Teachers Mural Project is a unique collaborative opportunity for 11 artists to give back to 11 fine arts programs across the Greater Houston area school districts, for teachers to lead an experiential lesson, and for students to gain mentorship and experience on a high visibility project.

Community Impact

The Houston Loves Teachers Mural Project has significantly enriched the community by bringing art, sport, and the appreciation for educators together. These murals serve as vibrant symbols of gratitude, fostering a sense of pride and recognition for teachers. This collaboration enhances community engagement, showcasing the importance of education, and the collaborative spirit of between local initiatives and major sporting events like the 2024 College Football Playoff.  

Meet The Artists

Mural 2.png

Murals serve as a daily reminder not only to the teachers on this campus, but to this entire community and to everyone who sees it that this community loves and appreciates educators.

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